Marie Osmond Faces Lawsuit

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Sunday, October 10, 2010

LAS VEGAS ( Chip Lightman, the producer of the “Donny & Marie show” at Flamingo, has reportedly accused Marie Osmond and his brother Donny Osmond for breach of contract, fraud, unjust treatment and defamation. The producer has sued the Osmond siblings by saying that they have been “underhanded, devious, fraudulent and greedy”. However, neither Marie Osmond nor her brother Donny Osmond have been available for any comments.

Chip Lightman, reportedly, said in his interview that Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond hatched a plot to “defraud” William Morris Agency and they asked the producer to help them while executing it. However, when he denied in doing so, both Osmond siblings fired him from his post. Chip Lightman said that the Osmond siblings are paid a basic salary of $1.6 million and 40% of their gross box-office from the show that they do. However, according to the producer the money is earned from the hard works of the people they hire who work “tirelessly” to support their career and their exotic lifestyles. Chip Lightman said that the money that they earn is not enough for their lavish lifestyles of their exotic private jets, expensive hotel suites and cars.

Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond’s attorney Howard King told a reputed media source that he is “surprised” and “disappointed” that Chip Lightman took such a “precipitous action”. Howard King said that the producer has been paid “substantial” amount after he was fired from his job. However, the attorney said in his interview that he is not involved in the show the way he claims to be. The lawyer further said that he neither created the Las Vegas’ “Donny & Marie Show” nor financed it or owned it. Moreover, Howard King also claimed that Chip Lightman never “engaged” the “talented” and “dedicated” people for the show.


October 17, 2010: 1:50 am

I must say in the last year there have been 2 Lawsuits against these Osmonds. So there must be some truth in this story. There seems to be a pattern. Last year around this time, Marie Osmond fired her Manager of 35 years because she wanted to drop his salary from 15% to 5%. He rightfully so sued her ass for the money she tried to cheat him out of. It was rumored that Chip Lightman was behind the firing. So what goes around, comes around, Huh Chip? ANyway now they are trying to cheat Chip out of money it appears. None of this should surprise anyone. It certainly doesn’t surprise me. Both Osmonds have gotten a rather big head from the success of their show and being on DWTS. And Marie has practically lost her mind since her Ex took her to the cleaners after their Divorce. Stupid Wench should have gotten a Prenup. Do these two love money and acting like Snobs, you bet your ass they do! And boy have they forgotten the people that helped them rebuild their careers! And don’t let the Mormon farce fool you, all Mormons are money-grubbers including Donny and Marie. Vanity seems to be Marie Osmond’s favorite Sin, so much that she will forsake even her children for it. She has to be in the spotlight, she won’t even quit for the sake of her kids. And to all you Nutso Osmond followers, you will defend these two because you are so blind to the obvious. Do you really believe that these 2 care about you because they talk to you? No, they want you to line their pockets with money and you are all fools to do it. These 2 are WOLVES IN SHEEP”S CLOTHING and you Idiots are all their Sheep!

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