Bunty Chor Eliminated?

By Madhusmita, Gaea News Network
Monday, October 4, 2010

MUMBAI, INDIA (GaeaTimes.com)- Last night, the much anticipated series “Bigg Boss” season 4 kicked off with felicity and fanfare in Colors. The audience watched their favorite reality show with anticipation and one of the major attractions of the show was Salman Khan. In the premiere the audience watched 13 celebrity contestants introducing each other in the show and Devinder Singh a.k.a. ‘Superchor’ Bunty grabbed attention on day 1 with his unruly behavior which reportedly made the other housemates nominate him for elimination.

Superchor Bunty entered the house with the contestants and kept breaking all rules of the house which made other contestants and “Bigg Boss” take serious actions against him. A source close to the reality series said that he covered the cameras of the house with “socks” and even used abusive language against “Bigg Boss”. However, the rumors doing rounds that Bunty Chor has been eliminated from the show but there is no authentication of the news as yet.

On the very first day “Bigg Boss” asked the contestants to vote for one of the contestants and everyone voted against Superchor Bunty unanimously thinking it to be elimination. However, it came as a shock to every other contestants that he was made the Head of the House or House Captain. The rumors that has set the internet abuzz is that Superchor Bunty will be ousted from the show tonight as he broke all the rules of the home. A source close to “Bigg Boss” said that when other contestants came to speak with him and make him understand, he refused to listen to everyone. However, the audience is waiting to see tonight’s show to find out Superchor Bunty’s fate in “Bigg Boss”.

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