Khichdi-The Movie review

Friday, October 1, 2010

October 1, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): If you grew up watching the popular Hindi TV serial Khichdi then you are bound to love the movie as well. The Parekh Family is filled with some of the most over-the-top characters that you will ever see and whenever they come together mayhem is not far behind. Most people would expect that a half hour long serial cannot be remade into a hit movie but the ‘Khichdi’ cast proves them wrong.

The story as narrated by the only two members of the Parekh family (Jacky and Chucky), who are well-versed with the ways of the world. Satish Shah plays God and explains how the Parekh family is completely different from the rest of his creations. The story is about Himanshu’s (JD Majethia) search for true love. After initial goof ups the Parekhs finally come across an equally out-of-the –whack family called the ‘parminders’. Peculiarly all the 50 members of the Parminder-family is named Parminder.

The romance between Himanshu and Parminder will leave you laughing hysterically. Now here is the twist, Himanshu always dreamt of having a ‘Legendary Love story’. Since no true love story is complete without a little hitch the parekh family members start disrupting the wedding plans in their own way.

The movie is filled with popular lines by some of the most endearing characters like ‘Babuji Main Hoon Na’. Anang Desai as Babuji is irritated as ever and the rest of the cast provides a superb performance. Our advice , if you are looking for an all-out entertainer then go watch the movie with your friends and you will surely come out of the hall with a grin on your face.

– Sampurn Wire

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