Reaction to the death of Tony Curtis

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Reaction to the death of Tony Curtis

Reaction on Thursday to the death of actor Tony Curtis at home in Henderson, Nev., at age 85:

“All Tony ever wanted to be was a movie star. He didn’t want to be the most dramatic actor. He wanted to be a movie star, ever since he was a little kid.” — Jill Curtis, wife.

“My father leaves behind a legacy of great performances in movies and in his paintings and assemblages. He leaves behind children and their families who loved him and respected him and a wife and in-laws who were devoted to him. He also leaves behind fans all over the world.” — Jamie Lee Curtis, daughter, actress.

“He’s one of those actors who in the 50s was a beautiful, charismatic leading man, who became sort of iconic as a sex symbol. Not somebody who you originally thought had a lot of depth. He was just charming and funny and yet he revealed himself to be quite complex and gave some great performances.” — Tony Goldwyn, actor, director and son of film producer Samuel Goldwyn, Jr.

“Tony Curtis was a Hollywood icon, a great performer and artist and devoted family man. I saw his extraordinary talent and ability to inspire generations of Americans firsthand on the set of ‘Christmas in Connecticut,’ and will always remember our times together.” — Arnold Schwarzenegger, California governor and actor.

“The guy was such a sweetheart. Beautifully neurotic, in a very endearing kind of Woody Allen way.” — Sam Rockwell, actor with Curtis in the 1998 movie “Louis and Frank.”

“Tony Curtis and Eddie Fisher in the same week. It’s very sad. He was funny, so very funny, very talented and a great spirit.” — Marlo Thomas, actress, advocate and star of 1960s sitcom. “That Girl.”


“One thing Tony always said: ‘God is great, he won’t hurt us, ’cause he looks like Tony Curtis.’ I guess now he knows how he looks.” — Jill Curtis.


“I’m fan of Billy Wilder films and you know, ‘Some Like It Hot.’ I mean, it’s an iconic, comedic film. Besides the writing being brilliant, the acting was fantastic. Tony Curtis, I mean, he was phenomenal. He was a legend.” — Jimmy Fallon, comic and television host.


“He’d gotten to a transitional place at 55, 60 years old where all of a sudden they’re looking for the next Tony Curtis. But the guy was filled with joy. One day we were sitting in a car together, a picture car, and he had these wonderful clothes on from the ’30s, as did I, and he turned to me with a huge grin on his face and said, ‘Isn’t this fun? We’re lucky people.’” — Brian Dennehy, actor, co-star with Curtis in the 1980 remake of “Little Miss Marker.”


“I am just a huge fan of his. What he gave to the world will live forever, which is a marvelous gift of this industry.” — actress Diane Lane.

Associated Press staff members Oskar Garcia in Las Vegas, Michael Weinfeld in Washington, D.C., Nicole Evatt and Mesfin Fekadu in New York, and Christy Lemire in Los Angeles contributed to this report.

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