RGV sensationalizes for publicity

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Controversy’s favorite child Ram Gopal varma has been grabbing headlines for the all the wrong reasons since his first movie Shiva, strange thing is that he seems to enjoy the free publicity. It seems that the director has worked out a magic formula to get some free publicity for his movies by generating controversies around them. At the audio launch of raktha Charithra Ramu confessed that he sensationalizes his movies to get some free publicity and rope in more audience into the halls.

RGV displayed his usual cool demeanor while answering the questions of the frenzied media personnel who came to cover the event. RGV also clarified that Raktha Charithra is a fictional story that has been inspired from real life events. Ramu asked the film goers not to read too much into the story of the film. When a journalist asked the Director why he visited the family of one of the characters, the director replied that he did it for publicity.

The controversial director said that the story of Suri and Paritala Ravi has a lot of scope for drama and that served as an inspiration for the upcoming movie. The trailer of raktha Charitra is really impressive and we are sure that the new movie will become a cult classic like many of RGV’s previous films.

– Sampurn Wire

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