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Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Jisshu is a well known in the Bengali film industry and he has made a name for himself for being a multi-talented actor. Jisshu can do transition from supporting roles to lead characters with equal ease. Recently Jisshu’s new film ‘Kokhono Biday Bolo Na’ got released and it was praised by some of the biggest names in the Bengali film industry.

This film marks the directorial debut of S.K. Murli Dharan, who has previously choreographed for movies like ‘Saathi’, ‘Nater Guru’ and ‘Chirodini… Tumi Je Amar’. The film premiered at a renowned movie hall recently and it was attended by the Glitterati of Bengali Film Industry.

Speaking on the event Jisshu’s wife Nilanjanaa said that she loved the movie overall. Nilanjanaa also mentioned that for her the highlight of the movie was the last 45 minutes. Nilanjanaa also loved the song sequences as Jisshu looked really good in them. The event was attended by superstars of Bengali Cinema Jeet, Prosenjit and both of them loved the movie as well.

The ‘Kokhono Biday Bolo Na’ has a unique story line that will certainly be a breath of fresh air to the Bengali audience. The audience seemed to like the bizarre twist in the storyline at the end and it seems that the movie is going to become a huge hit.

– Sampurn Wire

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