Charlotte Church Dating Jonathan Powell

By Reema, Gaea News Network
Thursday, September 16, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( Singer Charlotte Church has moved on with life. The ex-fiance of Gavin Henson with whom she split last May, confirmed to media sources that she was dating musician Jonathan Powell. After splitting up with her longterm partner Gavin Henson in May, rumors were doing round the Internet that Charlotte Church was romantically involved with Jonathan Powell. Although the lady at that time did not confirm the rumors, she recently admitted her involvement and held that it is in its early days.

Charlotte Church praised Jonathan Powell, the man behind her latest album, as a handsome and “really cool” guy with whom she had started working together a lot. She mentioned that she shares a good chemistry with Jonathan Powell and that both of them are interested to give their budding relationship a try. Charlotte Church said, ” we’ll see how it goes”. She however mentioned that her present relationship with Jonathan Powell has nothing to do with her split with Gavin Henson. The singer mentioned that both she and Jonathan Powell had moved out of their previous relationships long before they thought of moving on together.

However, Charlotte Church is adamant at one point. The singer is in no way ready to compromise her relationship with her kids for Jonathan Powell. She mentioned that she would not mind ending her relationship with the musician if he failed to establish a harmonious relationship with her children from her previous relationship. Charlotte Church said that she would “drop a man like a hot chip” if ever her children complained that they did not like the man in her life. She held that her life is about her children and things will remain that way for ever.

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