Do You Know How Old is Kanye West?

By Turjo, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, September 14, 2010


LOS ANGELES ( — Not again!!! We are practically fed up with all those rumors which are starting to arise around Kanye West after Taylor Swift performed a new song at this years VMA ceremony. I mean, who cares how old is Kanye West? As long as he keeps on doing all those cheap publicity stunts, we are not going to consider him a “grown up”. In fact a 10 year old boy has more common sense than Kanye West these days.

Last year Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift’s award acceptance speech by telling her she is not worthy of the award. Now this year, Taylor has decided to return the favor. So she came up with a song whose lyrics were full of indications pointing toward Kanye’s misdoings.

In one of the line, Taylor has sarcastically remarked that , “32 is still growing up now”. So, now this little line has created a mass hysteria over the web regarding the age of Kanye West.

Born in 1977, Kanye is believed to be of 33 years of age currently. But Taylor has pointed out Kanye’s age as 32 in her song, which was his age at the time of his stage crash. We can safely assume that Taylor planned this song a few days later after Kanye interrupted her on stage. Honestly, Did she really planned throughout the year for this???

We all are familiar with celebrity scandals, cat fights and verbal abuses. But with Taylor and kanye, “revenge” is getting a little “artistic” view now. Won’t you agree?

Next time, if you are angry with your boss or teacher or co-workers, be sure to come up with a fresh poem or song. But if you decide to read it loud in public, be sure to face the consequences too! It’s better you share your poems or songs with us in the comment section. At least it will be better reading than any article which says “How old is Kanye West??”.

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