Honestly I Wasnt Offered Much To Be Selective- Himanshi Chaudhary

Saturday, September 4, 2010

September 4, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): By now we are sure the audiences are acquainted with the name Himanshi Chaudhary, who started her career with ‘Kahi Toh Milenge’ and later on appeared in many other serials like ‘Kutumb’, ‘Kareena Kareena’, ‘Lavanya’ and ‘Bhabhi’. This beautiful actress is very excited about her latest release ‘Antardwand’. We caught up with this Pretty girl for an exclusive chat; let’s hear what she has to say.

Tell us something about your recently released movie ‘Antardwand’?

My movie got released on 27th Aug and it got a lot critical acclaim too. It has won 5 different awards in different countries and also won a “National Award” in the category of the ‘Best Film’ on Social Issues. This movie is about Groom Abduction or “Pakrauah Shaddi” so rampant in Bihar and Eastern UP. This real fact is touched upon in ‘Antardwand’. The film is a peep into the reality that is mofussil India, a feudal India refusing to die, where everybody involved pays a heavy price for the ugly patriarchal power play.

How was your experience of working on such a social issue based film?

It’s my best role so far, it was a great experience working with director Sushil Rajpal and he is also an awesome DOP. The cast and the crew of the film predominantly are all FTII pass out. We also had Raj Singh Chaudhry, Vinay Patak, Akelesh Mishra. I was casted last minute and I had no idea about what I was getting into. I was apprehensive about this entire thing. All I knew was since its Imtiaz’ recommendation it would be something good. And thankfully I took it up, it was fun and I learnt a lot from the film. I personally didn’t know about such issues before I did the film, I had heard about it before but it never registered in my mind, besides the subject of the script really attracted me. Being on the sets was fun too, as every body was multitasking, we all worked as a strong team and it was really great to see that. Then we also shot at Delhi but by that time I was already sick, the weather didn’t suit me.

Tell us about your character in the film?

What they showed in the film is the difference between the city and the village life yet on the same wave length. The character I played is of a very strong city girl. I portray a modern Indian girl, who is pregnant with a child, and the father of the child is kidnapped, when her parents discover this, they really freak out and she is left with no other option but to get an abortion done because firstly she is an unmarried mother and secondly the father of her child is kidnapped and she is left without any support, feeling totally helpless. Then on her parents insistence she agrees for an arranged marriage and when he comes back, she refuses to go back to him explaining him that her parents have gone through hell and they don’t deserve it. So it is a sad ending, it’s not like any other typical Bollywood film where there is always a happy ending.

Like you said you didn’t know much about the script, how did you manage to connect with your character in such a short span of time?

Like I said I was informed at the last minute, when I reached there, I became friends with the rest of the cast, they helped me out to understand the script better, like Vinay explained me every details of it, which helped me to understand the script better and my character as well. Our director was so sure of what he wants and he is not a man of many words, he will exactly explain you what he wants and how he wants the scene to be like. So he makes sure that every shot is executed the way he wants it to be. He will not accept anything less or more, he is very precise about his frames and shots. In my opinion towards the climax my character should have been more emotional, upset and dramatic. But according to him my character knew what she wants and she will exactly do that by getting emotional. So you see, he exactly knows what he wants, and I completely followed what he said. I am completely a director‘s actor. I am glad to be working with some one like him who knows exactly what he wants, not all are like that. I got good guidance and I am thankful.

You have been in this industry for the last 8 years, how has your journey been so far?

I have learnt every thing on the job. I was majoring in theater course in America and was studying musical theater as well. I did couple of plays but nothing major. I knew this is what I wanted to do so I came back to India but my journey has not been smooth. I have had a very slow process, to find the right script and the right shows to be on. People think I have been very selective about my work but honestly I wasn’t offered much to be selective. So I have accepted it the way it is, my journey has been very slow paced. People who started off with me like Karishma Tanna and Shabbir Ahluwalia, today have gone on different routes and I am not complaining about it either because I believe if you are the main lead then you get stuck there and people except more from you. I have played second lead or third lead, so in my opinion I have more options. And people recognize you, when they see you in more than one show. I have maintained my freshness and it’s been a positive point for me.

Many television actors opt out for reality shows when will we see Himanshi Chaudhary doing one?

Like I said they aren’t offered to me either and honestly I don’t like reality shows I won’t push myself for it… yeah though I like dance reality shows so I would like to be a part of it someday. I am a trained dancer. I like ‘Jhalak Dikh Laja’, it’s a very good show, I would love to be in it, it’s an international show and it lives up to the expectation without a doubt.

If you are offered ‘Big Boss’ would you like to be a part of it?

No, never. I don’t see myself being a part of ‘Big Boss’, it’s too intrusive. I am not good at playing games like that, I can’t sit and gossip like that. Even in personal life, I am a very reserved person. Yeah the first season of ‘Big Boss’ was very interesting but after that it started getting damn dramatic, it looked completely scripted, secondly you have to deal with people with whom you really don’t want to deal with. You are just putting your self into a situation, which is just not right. I do understand people do it for money or fame, I am not saying people are mad but it’s not my cup of tea.

Most of the inmates (celebrities) of ‘Bigg Boss’ have made their name with the show?

Yeah I completely agree, like Rakhi Sawant, I really respect that girl, she has come up on her own, she has carved a niche for her self in this industry, she comes from a very small background and she has not lost that, lots of people start acting airy after they get all the desired fame but Rakhi knows who she is, she knows for a fact that she is a brand and it sells, her heart is clean and she behaves exactly like that, she doesn’t fake it. I am a complete Rakhi fan.

If you are given a chance what would you prefer ‘Big Boss’ or ‘Fear Factor’?

‘Fear Factor’ for sure. Though I am not much of an adventurous person, but I would definitely give it a try. It would be fun.

Television has grown a lot since last ten years, what is your take on it?

I am glad that our industry has bloomed so much in a span of ten years, it has provided employment to thousands of people, many actors and directors have got a chance to showcase their piece of work. I am glad to be a part of this film fraternity and television fraternity. I think with time both the fraternities will have much more quality in their work. In west the TV is superior in their presentation and content and the audiences there are dumb, yet they watch those shows. In this boom phase, our TV industry offers the same things in different channels, it’s the same drama, and there is nothing new. Television is not the best representative of what we actually are. The kinds of films made probably in the 80’s are the television shows right now. So I think in future we will have some good quality work to offer to the audience.

Would you as an actor go for a commercial film or a realistic cinema?

First of all I would love to have that option, (laughs) I don’t have that option. It would depend if I am content financially at that point of time then, I would opt for a realistic cinema. When I started off my intention was never to become a heroine of the film, for me it was to be a good actor in true sense. Earlier it was like if you don’t become successful commercially then you are almost dead in the industry but now it’s not like that, you can play smaller but meatier parts, and you can do character roles like that and survive. Like the ‘Chak De’ girls, today they might not play lead roles in their films but they have sellable faces and they do good roles. Commercial side is a different ball game altogether, those guys have been doing it for years now and its overwhelming. If I get to do it, I would really be happy with that also. It will be fun. But choosing between the two is like, really difficult.

Well Himanshi we truly appreciate you and your efforts. May this movie bring you meatier roles and we get to see more of your acting skills. Wishing you loads of luck!!!

– Sampurn Wire

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