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By Soumitra Mondal, Gaea News Network
Saturday, August 28, 2010

Los Angeles (GaeaTimes.com) - The twenty year old singer and country girl Taylor Swift is ready with her third music album. The studio album is named “Speak Now”. The album talks about a couple moving through life together. The album is going to release on October 25 this year.

The American country pop singer-songwriter and actress was born on 13 December 1989. She has got 106 nominations to her credit. She is winner of a Grammy award including 70 other awards.

Till date she has 2 released albums to her credit “Taylor Swift” and “Fearless”. The second album made waves right after its release. It became the best selling album of both 20008 and 2009. It has made history in country music as it became the most awarded album.

One of the tracks of the new album is scheduled to release on Oct 25. It was premiered today on cable TV. The release of the album was on Friday in Kennebunkport where the video was shot last month.

In the new album the talented singer has teamed up with director Roman White for the third time. According to Roman, “There’s lot of time travel in this video, which is fun” as told to MTV news. Even Tay discussed the music video locations and behind the scene stories with the media.

After the release, former president George H.W. Bush who lives nearby came to see her with his grand children. She surprised her thousands of fans standing outside St. Anne’s Church by performing five or six songs with her band.

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