Cat Cora Ready to Open CCQ Restaurant at San Francisco Airport

By Mayuri, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cat Cora

SAN FRANCISCO ( — Iron Chef Cat Cora seems to quite busy now a days. The Bon Appetit Executive Chef Cat Cora will be opening her first BBQ restaurant, Cat Cora Que (CCQ). Her first casual barbecue chain will be located in the upcoming Terminal 2 opening in the San Francisco International Airport.

A celebrity chef-owned restaurant seems to be quite interesting and when the name of the chef is star Cat Cora, then we can expect the restaurant to be unique and innovative. Sources suggest that CCQ will have meat as its specialty product. The new restaurant will also bring in some innovations in the form of salads, wraps and traditional local products.

Cat Cora is a popular chef and a celebrity guest chef in famous TV show ‘Iron Chef American Star’. She is the one, who has inspired us to think where your food comes from and teaches your kids to love veggies. Her creativity and passion has lead her to this position today. She plans to expand her business chain by opening more restaurants. Cat Cora chases her passion but at the same time uses her celebrity status to educate people about nutrition. Don’t you think she is becoming a model that would be largely imitated? We all love you Cat!!

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