America’s Got Talent Results Surprise All

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Thursday, August 26, 2010

LOS ANGELES ( America finally has its top 10 talents and the journey was not easy. With the competition heating up at the quarterfinals, the audience and the judges were left with the excruciatingly difficult choice of choosing the top ten finalists in this weeks ‘America’s Got Talent‘. With some of the acts showing immense improvement over the few weeks of the competition, the results were a cause of great speculation all over the web. Among some of the semifinalists who performed this week, Prince Poppycock, proved that he has what it takes to headline in Las Vegas. The inspirational story topped with a touching performance made Christina and Ali hot favorites as well.

First up on stage for the results were ArcAttack, Dan Sperry, Christina Young and Future Funk. While many were expecting the pint sized hip-hop duo of Future Funk to make it through, almost everyone felt certain that ArcAttack deserved to go into the finals. Nick Cannon announced the results and to the shock of the American audience and judges, none of the acts made it through to the finals. Next up were Anna & Patryk and Ascendance and as most of the audience and judges expected, Anna & Patryk made it. Sharon Osbourne said that they deserved to go through as they improved over the weeks on ‘America’s Got Talent‘.

The next round of semifinalists were Prince Poppycock, Michael Grimm and Taylor Mathews. Considering the impact Taylor Mathews had on the teenagers, he was one of the favorites. Howie Mandel expressed his shock and excitement at all the three talents being on stage at the same time. Surprisingly all three of them went through leaving one empty spot in the finals of ‘America’s Got Talent‘, which was taken by Christina and Ali.

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