Get rid of social evils for independent India: TV stars

Saturday, August 14, 2010

NEW DELHI - Every time the word ‘independence’ is uttered, it brings back memories of India’s freedom struggle and instills a sense of pride and honour. But because of the presence of evils like corruption, casteism, and honour killings in the society, it doesn’t appear as if the country is “completely independent”, say some television stars.

“Each time I hear the term ‘azaad India’ (independent India), I wonder are we really free with all the corruption and social issues eating up our society? It is only when we make a difference, when all these evils die, that I will be able to call myself and my country ‘azaad’. We might be ‘azaad’ from all aspects but we are not ‘azaad’ from our minds yet,” says actress Ragini Khanna, popularly known as Suhana of Star plus’ show “Sasural Genda Phool”.

With India making rapid technological and economic advances, actor Swapnil Joshi, who is currently seen playing Vinaychand in SAB TV’s show “Papad Pol”, rues the fact that poverty still exists in the country.

“Even though we call ourselves an independent nation but till the time we don’t root out evils like poverty, corruption and crime from the country, we will remain shackled. This Independence Day, let’s pledge to eradicate the same,” he added.

As the country is witnessing a rise in the number of honour killings being reported by media, actor Angad Hasija, popularly known as Alek of “Bidaai”, insists he is ready to do anything to eradicate the social evil from society.

“It is the most painful of moments when you realise that your own people, the ones you have spent your entire life with, the ones who gave birth to you and defined love, decided to stab you in the back just because you followed a certain path for yourself,” he said.

Angad’s co-star Sara Khan adds: “Our society is still a victim of ethics and beliefs that are immoral and empty in a human world. My relationship with my boyfriend, Ali Merchant, who belongs to my religion but is of a different caste has made the society point out a flaw that doesn’t really abide by the rules set for an ‘Azaad nation’.”

Pooja Gor, who plays the protagonist in “Pratigya”, points out that despite 63 years of independence there has been a tremendous rise in atrocities against women.

“In recent years, there has been an alarming rise in atrocities against women in India in terms of rapes, assaults and dowry-related murders. Fear of violence suppresses the aspirations of women,” she said.

Kavita Kaushik of popular sitcom “FIR” feels that despite more than six decades of independence, people lack compassion and love for one another.

“After so many years of celebrating freedom, people are still fighting over caste, creed and money - which I feel is a shame,” she said.

Actress Divyanka Tripathi of “Mrs. and Mr. Sharma Allahabadwale”, believes the feeling of patriotism that is instilled in youngsters from the time they go to school gets lost in adulthood.

“It’s just an observation. The amount of patriotism we have during our school days - we fail to sustain those strong feelings as we grow old. We tend to get busy with our college, work and family,” she says.

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