‘Bad Girls Club’: Season Premiere Reviews

By Tias, Gaea News Network
Wednesday, August 4, 2010

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- The self proclaimed bad girls are back on the American screens with the latest season of the most controversial reality series, ‘Bad Girls Club’. The series has been the most watched show on the Oxygen network in the last 4 season and the 5th season promises to be even more entertaining as the girls go to Miami to find an ideal match for themselves.

The girls we will see fight it out this season are Morgan, Catya, Danielle, Lea, Kristen, Brandi and Erica. The first episode is called ‘Welcome To Miami Beyotch’ and it was aired on August 3. The audience were introduced to the Bad Girls in the episode and already witnessed some drama. One girl was seen irritating the rest and the rest of the cast trying to get rid of her. As they get used to their life in Miami together, the audience get a hint of the wild cat-fights and back biting that is to follow later in the season. Morgan becomes the target of the girls and she is seen to be targeted by four of the girls. They grease up their bodies so that the fists slip and Morgan ends up almost breaking her neck. ‘Bad Girls Club‘ has also served as a platform for many of the girls who have appeared in the earlier seasons. In spite of the frequent profanities and the soul shuddering fights the series managed to hold on to the audience for the latest season.

The next episode of ‘Bad Girls Club‘ is called ‘Check Your Baggage. The Oxygen audience is eagerly anticipating the episode as the reports suggest that it will show Morgan trying her best to stay in the house.

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