Daltrey Thinks Revamped Quadrophenia Tour Is Possible In 2011

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Rockers THE WHO are hoping to take their mods versus rockers rock opera QUADROPHENIA back out on the road early next year (11).

Roger Daltrey has confirmed to Billboard.com that he and bandmate Pete Townshend are planning a new stage presentation of the group’s 1973 concept album, which they performed with guests at Hyde Park in London in 1996 and again earlier this year (10) to mark the 10th anniversary of benefit shows in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust charity.

And this time, the world will get to see the ambitious show.

Daltrey says, “We’ve got ideas… We’re looking on probably being out there, hopefully if all goes well, in the spring of next year… We definitely don’t want to stop. We feel it’s the role of the artist to go all the way through life ’til you can’t do it anymore.”

But the singer acknowledges that Townshend’s battle with severe Tinnitus could hamper plans: “It’s nothing that can’t be sorted out - just different monitor systems, different on-stage volume, which is where the issue is. Pete, being the addictive character he is, if he gets carried away he tends to turn his volume up to the old levels, and that’s when it causes the trouble. That’s one of the problems with rock ‘n’ roll, once the old adrenalin kicks in.”

And the 66 year old also worries about the logistics of staging the energetic show at his age: “There are issues with it to make it work at our age… I always had a bit of a problem, as far as the crowd was concerned, with the way we were presenting that show, the way our position within the piece was explained.

“It needs a revamp. It would be dated to put it out as it is now. We need to fix that area, but I know how to do it.”

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