Feature: Bollywood Stars Share Their Opinions On Beauty

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Ever wondered what makes our Bollywood ‘Stars’ so beautiful? The unanimous answer to this query would be the donning their grease paint or the way they are filmed by the acclaimed cinematographers or clicked by their ace lens men. But these earthly Brigade of ‘Stars’ also have a ‘beautiful’ mind of their own. They can use it to express their own opinion on beauty related topics. So presented herewith is the response to some common queries like:-

a. What does ‘good looks’ in the physical sense of the term mean to you?

b. Who is their epitome of beauty?

c. Can ’Metrosexual’ men be called ‘beautiful’?

d. What is the secret of your youthfulness and charm?

e. Do you have any such beauty tip that you would like to share with your fans?

Abhishek Bachchan: "First things first… my epitome of beauty is my mother, Jaya Bachchan. It’s her aura, her dignity, her unconventional charm that keeps you tongue-tied and spell bound in her presence. And yes, to a certain extent external beauty does matter. So if you want to carry yourselves off like a gentleman in all the spheres of life, then you got to take refuge in popular brands like Armani, Gucci, Dolce and Gabanna, Raymond, Reid and Taylor, Ray Bans et al.

Soha Ali Khan: "I think good looks are hereditary. So I feel great having inherited my mom’s good looks including her dimples. And of course my epitome of beauty is my mother, Sharmila Tagore. Sometimes I really wonder if all this is worth it? Imagine the women from the lower strata, who might possess an insurmountable beauty yet who cares for them? My mother’s tip for me: Stay cool and calm and of course, be graceful and humble to one and all."

Shahid Kapur: "My funda of beauty is just trying to be as natural as possible. I believe more in etiquette and pleasing manners and lo and behold people start holding you in their highest esteem. So it’s only when I am facing the camera that I rely heavily on the adage of donning the grease paint. Men and beautiful? Why don’t you ask a woman? My epitome of beauty is the Venus of the Silver Screen, Madhubala."

Kareena Kapoor: "I give full marks to my sister {Karishma Kapoor} in the looks department. Just imagine the transformation she has undergone from a gawky looking teenager to a beautiful mature woman in her own right. Apart from her, I hold Nargisji as the most beautiful woman of this Universe, who even in her white saree clad image was like an immortal beauty personified. I wish I could be like her when I reach her age. And lastly, yes, Men or rather a ‘Man’ can be ‘beautiful’ too in his own way. You know who and what I mean. Right!"

John Abraham: "The secret of my good looks is that I am a diehard health freak and I don’t believe in the concept of the Cosmetic Charisma. So if you have it, you have it. Then it’s like God’s gift and you just have to maintain it. Of course, women specifically have to take refuge in the Cosmetic Glory. Besides why should one make a demarcation between a ‘beautiful’ man and a ‘beautiful’ woman? Pointless!"

Bipasha Basu: "It’s no laughing matter that in today’s fashion and beauty conscious crowd of teenyboppers even a dusky beauty like mine is well appreciated and succeeds in holding a charm of her own. Yes I also believe that men can be ‘beautiful’ in their own way. No, not just by being physically attractive, but by the way they dress up, the beauty fundas they use. So what if they also get labeled as a ‘Metrosexual’ guy."

Dino Morea: "Let’s start with the secret of good looks. I believe that it’s the happiness within yourselves that radiates the glow on your face and your entire being and enhances your beauty. External beauty is meaningless, maybe necessary to present yourself in tune with your profession and the requisites of your day-to-day life. No, Men can only be ‘Handsome’. How can they be termed ‘beautiful’ depriving the rights of a Femme Fatale?"

Esha Deol: "Oh! How I wish I could be half as beautiful as my mother! No wonder she rightly deserved the title of a ‘Dreamgirl’. Indeed her beauty can be termed as every girl’s most cherished dream. And the best thing I learnt about beauty from her is to stop being superficial and just concentrate on my diet, my yoga, my meditation, my work outs, my jogging and, of course, hours and hours of my dancing practice."

Aftab Shivdasani: "In my opinion beauty is immortal only if you seek an ‘inner beauty’. It’s all about the character of a person, the way he presents himself. A person maybe most beautiful, maybe even strikingly handsome in the physical sense of the term, but he may be sincerely lacking the poise and the grace. And that goes for women too. My epitome of beauty? I have yet to discover one."

Karishma Kapoor: “I think it is rightly said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So no matter how beautiful or how charming you are, ultimately your own beauty is worthwhile only if the love of your life genuinely appreciates it. No, not by eulogizing you or praising you sky high to impress you, especially in front of others, but by just being aware of it. And then the way he looks at you conveys the message. That apart, no doubt my epitome of beauty is none other than Rekha, the most gorgeous looking and the most beautiful looking woman of this Universe."

– Shaheen Raaj / Sampurn Wire

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