Justin Bieber Pregnant, Hoax Spreads

By Naiwrita Sinha, Gaea News Network
Monday, June 21, 2010

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- Justin Bieber Pregnant rumor on the web has made him hot searches for the day. It seems that this 16 year old Canadian pop singer has become one of the most rumor plagued celebrities on the web. The rumor about Justin Bieber pregnant seems baseless at the first instance as the star being a male can never become pregnant. It is simply another hoax to malign the celebrity status of the singer.

Justin Bieber pregnant rumor has spread on the web but there is no authenticity of this report. The cyberbullying of the star has reached its optimum with the birth of so many rumors each day to malign his reputation. Fans of this teen singer who are also teenagers or pro-teens are now used to these malicious hoaxes about their favorite star which are obscene and completely baseless. The crazy rumor about a guy being pregnant can be spread by people who either do not like Justin Bieber or perhaps they are simply jealous of him.

Justin Bieber is presently busy with his latest music video release of “Someone To Love”. Justin Bieber pregnant rumor is not new for the famous “Baby” star, earlier there were many more rumors about him like he has been arrested, he became victim of syphilis, then tried to cover up his syphilis by bribing Chris Johnson, linked to Kim Kardashian and also have died. The unreasonable rumors about the star to defame his reputation and character do not have any authentic source or confirmation, these are just rumors to get Justin Bieber, his family and representative in a fix and helpless position as they cannot stop these rumors in spite of their repeated efforts.

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