‘Hoo’ meets expectations (Kannada Film Review)

By V.S. Rajapur, IANS
Sunday, June 6, 2010

Film: “Hoo”; Cast: Ravichandran, Meera Jasmine, Namitha, Prakash Raj, Rangayana Raghu, Sharan, Lakshman, Shankar Aswath; Producer: Dinesh Gandhi; Director: V. Ravichandran; Music: V. Harikrishna; Dialogues: Mohan; Camera: C.S.V. Seetharam; Rating: ***

“Hoo” will certainly meet the expectations of actor-director V. Ravichandran’s fans who look for the normal dose of visually stunning songs and some stylishly narrated sequences as he returns to directing a film after more than five years.

The final three reels are the most enjoyable and the other portions of the film are good in bits and pieces.

“Hoo” cannot be described as a remake of Tamil film “Priyamanan Thozhi” directed by Vikraman as Ravichandran, though borrowing the story, recreated his own screenplay with many of his trademark commercial elements like titillating scenes and comedy.

Ravichandran has also really improved in the visual presentation of the film.

The dialogues of the film are also exceptionally well written and the final sequences make a good impact.

National Award-winning actress Meera Jasmine comes into her own in a tailor-made role and reveals everything with her smile and expressions.

But some scenes featuring the film’s heroine Namitha and Pavithra Lokesh may add to the discomfort of the viewers.

Key moments of the film which were really good in the original Tamil film and its Telugu remake “Vasantham” look too trivial in this film.

The sequences featuring Namitha and Pavithra may titillate a few front benchers, but they may limit the film’s universal appeal.

Still the film shows Ravichandran’s class as a director. The sequences featuring Meera Jasmine have been shot well.

The story revolves around two childhood friends Ravi and Jasmine who remain steadfast in their relationship despite others’ suspicions.

Ravi is ill-treated by his own family members but Jasmine finds him talented.

Meanwhile, Ravi marries Anju who also understands the friendship between her husband and Jasmine.

And then comes an element of sacrifice. Ravi and Jasmine show that their friendship is eternal and nothing can come between their bond of friendship.

Ravichandran shines more as a director than an actor though he brings in a few laughs in comedy sequences. His silence speaks more in the climax sequences.

Meera Jasmine is the real asset of the film. Namitha has focused more on titillating sequences than acting in the film.

Prakash Raj shines in his small but effective role.

Seetharam does a competent job behind the camera. But Harikrishna has provided a mixed fare in his music. Mohan’s dialogues are effective.

“Hoo” is a treat for Crazy Star Ravichandran’s fans, but for others it is just an above average fare.

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June 6, 2010: 7:22 am

dear sir ravichandran u r my fovuorite hero and director i knw u will meet u r goal

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