Fisher Stevens Dotes Over Dolphin

By Sayantika, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, March 9, 2010

BEVERLY HILLS, ( If there is one man who really made a different at the Oscars 2010, its none other than Fisher Stevens. Once a Broadway artist, Fisher Stevens first came up with his theatre company Naked Angels. From 1987 to the 2010, a lot has changed. Today, Fisher Stevens is the proud producer of his Oscar winning project “The Cove”. The movie depicts one of the most heinous ecological crimes of the world that takes its shape in the form of dolphin killing. This gruesome act which is practiced in Japan, relates a sad tale of innocent creatures like dolphins who are just on the verge of being regarded as endangered species.

Fisher Stevens collected his academy award as the co-producer for the movie. Fisher Stevens went ahead in exposing the tale of dolphin killing which is a bitter story latent under the covers of dolphinarium, which is a huge crowd puller for the town. Fisher Stevens feels lucky to have Richard O’Barry by his side. The man himself had been a trainer for dolphins since his old days association with “Flipper” and his involvement in the project was the best thing that could have happened to the movie.

Fisher Stevens is of the opinion that this is a bigger cause than the seal hunt in north America and as depicted in his movie he calls upon every individual to rise up and support the noble cause to help protect the dolphins. He urges people to stop eating tuna and swordfish and let these unique creatures live and prosper under the waters.

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