“The Late Late Show” Host Craig Ferguson On Twitter

By Naiwrita, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

LOS ANGELES (GaeaTimes.com)- Twitter has really caught on. Or so it would seem from the fact that the latest celebrity to join the microblogging networking site is the “The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson. From the look of things, he has become really addicted to the popular networking site. Having signed up with Twitter only a few days back, the “The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson already boasts a follower count of 14366, and still counting. He sent his first tweet after having joined up only about 12 hours, and soon after, the account was cascaded with tweets.

“The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson’s tweets are creating quite a stir. The principal reason for which is the fact that they thrive on profanities. In fact, the very first tweet he had sent contained the “F” word, with an accompanying question, asking if he could use the expletive in his tweets. His other tweets also contained enough expletives, with him going “f***ity f***ity heck,” and commenting on how great it was using Twitter. However, he also commented on his show that his going up in Twitter probably meant that it is going out of vogue.

“The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson comments on anything under the sun in Twitter. He has tweeted about “Mythbusters,” “The Who” at the Super Bowl and a plethora of other topics. Initially, it was not certain whether the account was a valid one, that is whether it was really Craig Ferguson who had been tweeting. However, the account was later verified by one of the public relations representatives of CBS, who confirmed that “The Late Late Show” host Craig Ferguson was really on Twitter.

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