Lloyd Bridges: Jeff Bridges Father

By Ritika, Gaea News Network
Monday, January 18, 2010

SAN FRANCISCO (GaeaTimes.com)- The father of Jeff Bridges, the late actor Lloyd Bridges would have been very proud had he been alive to see his son win the Golden Globe Award for the portrayal of ‘Bad Blake’ in the movie Crazy heart. While receiving the award the 38-year-old actor paid his respects to his actor dad and mom both of whom have made their mark on the film industry in their own sweet little way.

Jeff Bridges father, Lloyd Bridges himself has had a large career having worked in the Broadway, movies, TV series, documentaries and what not. His filmography includes The Limping Man, Blondie Goes to Collage, The Rainmaker, the Goddess, The White Tower, High Noon, Home of the Brave, Hot Shots!, Mission Impossible, Honey, I Blew Up The Kids, Boston Blackie Goes Hollywood, Airplane, Airplane II, Destroyer, Secret Agent X-9, Ramrod, A Walk In The sun, Sahara, Jane Austin’s Mafia!, Peter and the wolf, Blown Away etc.

Lloyd bridges is remembered fondly by his family, friends and colleagues that he collected over years in the industry. Along with these, he also had the good fortune to serve his country when he enlisted during the World War II as a United States coast Guard. He has three kids out of which two carry his acting genes. He also has a grandson Jordan Bridges, who too is an actor. In his honor, ‘The Burning’, which is a Seinfeld episode was directly dedicated to him, as was his last movie Jane Austen’s Mafia.

Jeff Bridges, who is undergoing treatment for cancer right now would have made his parents take pride in him.

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