Jennifer Lopez Falls Down During AMA Performance

By shantanu, Gaea News Network
Monday, November 23, 2009

Los Angeles- Musical icon Jennifer Lopez, who performed her latest single “Louboutins” during the American Music Awards- that was held on Sunday, grabbed a lot more attention as the singer took a fall during her AMA performance. Although, her newest single otherwise was immensely enjoyed by the audience, the performance could not be termed as flawless as the singer tumbled and fell right on stage. The reputed singer, who is known for her amazing performances on stage, however could not manage to display a smooth performance this time around.

However, the much acclaimed artist managed to get up right away and came back to take control of her performance soon after. At the same time, J.Lo also underwent a costume change and returned on stage to conclude her otherwise stunning performance. Audiences present at the event later revealed that while the singer was performing her song, there was a sequence where few back up dancers lined themselves as staircase and J.Lo was supposed to walk over them. However, things did not go as scheduled. Unfortunately, the singer fell down and landed on her bottom. Following the incident, J.Lo being a pro, managed to recover quickly, due to which she did not miss a beat.

J.Lo’s performance was an highly anticipated one as it marked her return to the stage after a long period of time. Despite the debacle, the talented singer displayed a scintillating performance which was immensely enjoyed by the audiences. At the same time, this AMA performance of Jennifer Lopez also grabbed many eyeballs because of her costume, as the singer was dressed like a boxer to match up to the theme of the song.

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