Why Rakhi-Jaya rapport went kaput?

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Why Rakhi-Jaya rapport went kaput?The reality show Bigg Boss 3 has once again brought controversy queen, Rakhi Sawant into limelight, but for this time Rakhi is not alone, she is in frame with her mother Jaya Sawant who the first contestant to go out of BB3.

Even if in reality, this mother-daughter would not speak to each other , but they will be definitely together on screen at least to degrade each other. “Jaya and Rakhi are not speaking to each other for almost a year and Jaya completely blames Abhishekh Awasthi (ex-flame of Rakhi) for her sour relationship with the daughter. In an TV interview she blamed him for creating grudges in my family,” chirps the little birdie.

“Rakhi on other side is blaming her mom for creating bitterness between her’s and Abhishekh relation.

She doesn’t want to bond with her mother. Rakhi is fed up with her family members and says that she is no more going to earn money for them and wants to live alone and happy for life time,” source added.

So now, the mystery is that who exactly is the culprit?. Is that Abhisehekh, Jaya or Rakhi herself for the separations? Only Rakhi could answer this but she was not available for any comments.

-Tejashree Bhopatkar/ Sampurn Media

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