Don’t laugh at my mom, Rakhi tells ‘Bigg Boss’ inmates

Thursday, October 8, 2009

NEW DELHI - Reality show veteran Rakhi Sawant is not at all pleased with the way her mother Jaya is being treated on the third instalment of “Bigg Boss”.

“My mother doesn’t belong to the film industry or showbiz. She hasn’t even seen much of the world and so people in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house are taking advantage of her. Mujhe bilkul achha nahin lag raha hai (I’m not liking it at all), Rakhi, who participated in the first season of “Bigg Boss”, told IANS over phone from Mumbai.

“If I get even one chance to go in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, main sabki dhajiyaan uda doongi (I will rip people apart), she added.

Jaya, who worked as a nurse to bring up her children, surprised viewers when she was ushered into Colors’ Bigg Boss house Sunday night by megastar Amitabh Bachchan, the host of the show.

She is staying with 12 other participants with more than 30 cameras watching every move they make.

So far, she has been fairing well, except for being sniggered at for her dressing sense and her attempts at singing and dancing by fashion designer Rohit Verma, actor Bhaktiyaar Irani and comedian Raju Srivastav.

“My mother is a very simple woman. When Mr. Bachchan invited her on stage, she wouldn’t have known what to do. She had never gone on a stage before. So all contestants should respect her for what she is.

“She likes to sing and dance a lot because before marriage she wanted to become an actress. But she couldn’t pursue her dreams because it was a taboo in our family. People should not laugh at her, said Rakhi.

Relations between mother and daughter have strained for quite some time. Rakhi was so upset with her mom that she didn’t even invite her to the finale of her recent “Swayamvar” show on NDTV Imagine.

Jaya has said she has come to Bigg Boss house to show her love for Rakhi and wants her to come back home.

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