Nick Cannon relieved to know his mum loves Mariah Carey

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

WASHINGTON - Rapper Nick Cannon is relieved that his mother gets along well with singer wife Mariah Carey because she had been tough on most of his girlfriends before.

The 28-year-old singer admits he was nervous about taking his new wife home to meet mum after they wed in 2008, following a whirlwind romance, because he feared she wouldn’t approve of his choice.

However, his mum loves Carey.

“Her and Mariah get along wonderfully and I love that because my mum, if she don’t (sic) like you, she’ll let you know instantly,” Contactmusic quoted him as saying.

“A couple of my ex-girlfriends got restraining orders on my momma ‘cos she’ll pull up to your crib in an SUV and just wait.

“She’s the nicest woman in the world but you do something wrong to her son, she’ll pull all the ex-gang member moves out… Sometimes they say something about me on the Internet (and) my mum goes nuts on ‘em.

“She just gets in there and just finds out where they live… Forget a bodyguard, I’ve got a bodymomma,” Cannon added. (ANI)

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