Israeli Tv Star Dies In Prison

Friday, August 21, 2009

Israeli entertainer DUDU TOPAZ has died in prison after reportedly hanging himself in the shower of his jail cell. He was 62.

The star, who was one of Israel’s most famous television personalities, had been in jail for several months while on trial for allegedly ordering an assault on two TV executives he blamed for keeping him off the air.

Topaz, who was also accused of demanding an attack on an actor’s agent, was arrested in May (09).

He initially denied his involvement in the attacks, but police said he later confessed to ordering the assaults and faced charges including assault and battery, conspiracy to commit a crime, extortion and obstruction of justice.

The once-beloved star had already attempted suicide once, while in jail, by injecting himself with an overdose of insulin.

His lawyer, Zion Amir, blames Topaz’s death on prison authorities, who failed to protect him: “All the signs pointed to the fact that he was likely to harm himself. Why did they not guard him?”

Topaz is due to be buried on Friday (21Aug09) in Tel Aviv.

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