How Robert Redford, Paul Newman played ‘junk jokes’ on each other

Saturday, June 20, 2009

NEW YORK - Robert Redford has revealed that he and pal Paul Newman used to play some of the most weird practical jokes on each other.

While talking to Donny Deutsch, the Oscar winner said that he once sent a destroyed sports car to racing fan Newman’s door.

“Paul drove me crazy talking about racing all of the time . . . It just bored me to tears . . . So I went to a junkyard and said, ‘Do you have a destroyed sports car and can you wrap it up, put a ribbon around it and leave it at Newman’s house?’” the New York Post quoted Redford as telling Deutsch.

And it was after weeks that Newman retaliated by sending a gigantic box at Redford’s door.

The box contained the vehicle crushed into a square.

But Redford found a new way to hit at his pal-he had an artist turn the metal heap into a garden sculpture.

“It was really awful,” recalled Redford, who had the “art” dumped in Newman’s yard.

Deutsch was interviewing Redford before an audience at the Hilton New York, where the actor got a lifetime achievement award from global nonprofit Promax/BDA. (ANI)

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