Konkanas Kurta Konnection

By Bureau News, Gaea News Network
Sunday, May 3, 2009

Have you ever noticed the connection between Konkana Sen and kurtas? We have named it The Three K’s (KKK). It’s Konkana’s Kurta Konnection.

There is a strange connection between the page 3 actress and kurtas she wears. Going back to the mega hit movie ‘Page 3’, where we saw Konkana as a Page 3 reporter, always clad in long kurta paired with jeans and a reporter’s bag. 

Same is the case in her real life, too. We don’t know whether the actress really likes to wear kurtas in real life also, but whenever and wherever she’s spotted, she is always loaded with kurtas only.

Konkana was once again dressed in her favourites (kurta), at two recent events, The DVD launch of film Amu and for a children welfare programme by P&G.

On one hand where everyone likes to deck up and apply make up and wear short clothes to grab an eye, our Konkana always keeps it simple and beautiful. Whatever the case is, the actress always makes it a point to look simple. A true believer of simplicity, we should say.

So is it her inspiration from her hit movie Page 3 or is it that she is not able to come out of her Page 3 character yet???

Over to you Konkana!   -(SAMPURN)

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