Kirmani Wants To Replicate Success Story

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

May 25, 2010 (Sampurn Wire): Zubair Kirmani, one of India’s most renowned designer, is back to his roots. He had left the beautiful valley of Kashmir in order to pursue his career in fashion but has now decided to set up a division in Srinagar to introduce more people to fashion and to improvise the condition of artisans in the valley.

Kirmani owns a well known brand called Bounipun. The 31 year old designer has said that he has returned to Kashmir not because he couldn’t make it big elsewhere but because he wants more people in Kashmir to replicate his success story.

Though Kirmani has made a successful career for himself, he agrees that it wasn’t so easy to create a niche in the fashion industry. However, with his efforts and his love for his art, he has been able to achieve success.

His client list includes great musicians like Kailash Kher and Oscar winner A R Rahman. Kirmani has been regularly seen at the Wills Lifestyle Fashion show for more than the past three years. This innovative young designer is also known to sell his wide range of designs in other countries like England and Spain. His work is reviewed by some of the most prestigious fashion magazines in European countries.

Kirmani expressed that he wishes to motivate more people to follow their creative traits then taking up other jobs. It would be interesting to note that he is the first designer who has returned to his roots at the peak of his career to enhance the world of fashion and thereby help artists in his home town.

– Sampurn Wire

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