Star Plus brings you The Perfect Bride

Monday, September 7, 2009

Star Plus brings you The Perfect BrideAs it is said that ‘Marriages are made in heaven…’, thus Star Plus and Meditech bring a unique reality show called ‘The Perfect Bride’ which will see the five eligible bachelors looking out for a perfect match with their mummies. The show starts on 12 September.

The concept of the show is adapted from the abroad based show called by the same name. The similar show has worked well in Turkey and Italy. The concept of the show is about a mother son pair looking out for a perfect girl. 5 pairs of Mother Son will begin the show with 10 prospective brides to be. To add more glamour Amrita Rao has been taken in as the panel of mentors with Malaika Arora Khan and Shekhar Suman in the show.

The shows also have an audience voting and eviction of want to be brides and grooms. At the end of the show that one pair will choose from the remaining bride on the show and if the girl agrees the wedding will take place on the channel it self.

Though the channel and the production house doesn’t give the guarantee of marriage on television but for sure there will be a more drama and kit pit of saas bahu on the show.

So get ready to watch another Swayamvar on Indian television from 12 September at 10:00 pm

-Rachana Trivedi/Sampurn Media

July 31, 2010: 8:23 am

hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii u r looking sooooooo cute

December 23, 2009: 1:24 pm

i hate hitesh & hiteshs mother they should be eliminated agar ye dono na hote sub ki jodi banti becaz hitesh ki maa sub ke beech main bolti hai or gurpreet ke breakup ke peeche bhi hitesh ki maa ka haath hai or hitesh bohut gunda flurty aadmi hai is liye usse sub se pehle show se nikalna chaiye

December 16, 2009: 7:20 am

i like prianka sooooooooooooooooooo much

December 13, 2009: 9:24 am

Wasim the terrorist just go to your hell pakistan stop prying into our Indian shows. Go join Geelanis and your let etc. You want to bake your cake and eat it too. You pirates.

December 13, 2009: 9:22 am

Hitesh’s mother was very constructive and she deserved to be the bride of the week. Rumpa is lucky she got ride of fishy mother and got a better deal with go green mother in law. Rumpa your mother needs a shrink she talks acts like a demented woman. I pity the people who are around her. Her words stink like a fish
how can she put someone’s girl down. I didn’t know fish could downgrade a person so much. I am glad Hitesh’s mother kept her dignity. Throughout the show Rajbir’s mother and Hitesh’s mother and Vivek’s mother were decent and dignified/

December 12, 2009: 3:24 pm

hi i m juhi from pakistan .i like priyanka as perfect bride she realy nice person and i wish priyanka win the show rajever and priyanka is real joori.i vots priyanka

wasim raza
December 9, 2009: 1:21 pm

hi i m wasim from pakistan (n.w.f.p) bannu.plz rajver k father g aap plz priyanka ko as a bahu accept kar le she is so qute with u r son plz………………plz

December 7, 2009: 9:06 am

I want to see Priyanka as a perfect bride.

December 6, 2009: 4:13 am

i love priyanka she is very nice…….

December 3, 2009: 5:33 pm

i like priyanka and rajbir.rumpa should not be the bride of the week.pls vote to priyanka pls pls pls………….

December 3, 2009: 5:28 pm

hitesh and his mother are fake .

December 2, 2009: 11:36 pm

Priyanka is a BIG Drama Queen.She is not suitable for Rajbeer,I don’t know, how come this guy is going around with this gal.People like her just coz of Rajbeer otherwise she is a Big Bore.Vivek is very nic and decent guy.

priya bakshi
November 30, 2009: 8:29 am

kal jo aapne hitesh ki mother ko mother of the week banya hai kya ye janta ke pasand ya shekher sir aur malaika ke pasand hai.hum janta koi na to runa aur hitest ki mother ko like nahi karte hai ye aapke he pasand hai.aue two wk ke baad aap roona ko he prefect bride bano ge i now .jab ki rajbir aur prinkya he best hai

November 30, 2009: 7:05 am

rajbir priynka, priyanka is perfect bride couple but how come rumpa become bride of week nonsense n plz more vote to save prinka n rajbir n kik out hitesh n rumpa pls vote for rajbir n priyanka

November 30, 2009: 1:31 am

I love priyanka.
she is really nice & she is the only candidate who deserve the perfect bride title.
I watch regularly perfect bride.

priya bakshi
November 26, 2009: 5:25 am

i love priyanka nd rajbir mujhe hitesh ke mumma pasand nahi hai nikal do unhe waha say .india ki bride sirf priynka hai .puri janta ka vota rajbir aur priynka hai.plz aap sab dekh raheho fir bhi aap log kuch nahi kar raheho.hitesh aur us ke mother ko out karo

November 22, 2009: 10:18 am

i think this fake show , as u people show disgusting thinks. vivek is such a nice guy. he is a dream man of every woman in this wrold. but in shudeshrani’s rule is not able to find his soulmate in the show. 1st he was interested in nandita, she got eleminated though she was the most eligible contestant. 2nd he was interested in pooja again she ruled n pooja was out. shethings that she will win the if this time if hitesh wins the show people will stop watching relaity shows.

November 22, 2009: 5:40 am

hitesh mother should not be made MOTHER OF THE WEEK caz she is a big politician .only she played politics with puja and nandita. and the jodi of rajbeer and gurpreet is perfect.

November 21, 2009: 2:14 am

bekar program aa

November 20, 2009: 11:58 pm

i hate priynka she is very fat . she is not made 4 rajbeer , you will c if they got married after 1 yr divorce ,cause she is not for jatt sikh family .i like gurpreet and rajbeer jodi.

November 17, 2009: 9:03 am

i hate hitesh mother. she is cartoon

November 16, 2009: 6:28 pm

When Puja is not in the show the show is meaningless!!!

I dont see any perfect bride in the show except Puja.
She is elegant, smart and good by heart. She must
be back in the show…to keep the shows appeal.

November 14, 2009: 2:15 pm

plz get rajbeer back……
he n priyanka rock this showw…….
he is d charm of this show
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz get him back sumhowwwww

November 9, 2009: 8:19 pm

I love. Priyanka

November 8, 2009: 12:17 pm

prinyanka and pooja cannot be perfect in any sence. i hate both the girls. i prefer if any other girl would be perfect. otherwise this show is not fair at all. or its just a politics play show.

November 7, 2009: 2:28 pm

Hithesh’s mother did politics by choosing Priyanka and Nandita and ultimately eliminating Nandita (show telecast on 07.11.2009).

Most obvious reason is Nandita and Priyanka was/is the only girl(s) who was/is attached with Yashdeep/Vivek and Rajbeer respectively and both were threat to win the show. By eliminating either of them win increase chances for Pooja to win the show.

Other girls Gurpreet, Roopa etc are merely a formality in the show now and whether they are in or out makes no difference to Pooja and consequently Hithes and his mother.

Now we all will see, Hitesh’s mother during this week will do all the things to create the situation where next week Priyanka would be eliminated. Hence leaving open field for Pooja, Hitesh and Hitesh’s mother.

November 7, 2009: 2:19 pm

I am very upset with the political decision taken by Hitesh’s Mom for eliminating Nandini Sharma from the show….She deserved to stay there for long! This is not fair at all

November 7, 2009: 11:02 am

Hello Everyone!
This is Megha……Me n mah hubby watch perfect bride every day…..we just love it….we like priyanka n rajbeer as a pair.they make a lovely pair….god bless them……

love u oll..

November 3, 2009: 10:17 pm

I Like Priyanka & Gurpeet.

November 3, 2009: 6:00 am

Hi Dis is Priyanka Frm Punjab..V all really luv 2 see ur show..nd i always suggest my frndz 2 see..But v were dissappointed wen Rajbeer waz eliminated..nw dare shud b wild card seems boring without him…Nd ur Title Song is Best Best ever i hav heard b4….

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