Ashley Greene scandal pictures: leaked ?

By admin, Gaea News Network
Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ashley-GreeneIt appears to be a common practice now a days, few days back vanessa hudgens leaked photos were exposed in the Internet and now Ashley Greene photos,  an American television and film actress. She is best known for playing    Alice Cullenin the 2008 film Twilight, and will be reprising the role in its sequels.

As usual and alike vanessa Hudgens online photos, Ashley Greene’s nude photos also heat up the Internet, it just leaked out online without the consent or authorization of Ashley (poor baby) and Perez Hilton is the first one to grab it and posted those naked pictures on his blog.

And also as usual a strict lawyer of Ashley Greene’s emerges into the scenario and declared that the photos are illegal and should be wiped out at once. So the images are removed from Perez Hilton blog with the usual statement The nude photographs have been removed from at the request of Greene’s legal representatives bla…bla.

It appears that those actresses who really wanted to be famous within a shorter period of time, for more exposure these up coming desperate actresses  find out a common formula, they are releasing some hot nude pictures to create more awareness.

However it seems to be  a almost fixed formula with few simple steps (don’t take it seriously its just a joke) to get yourself into the spot light, see the steps below;

Step one

Collect some nude photos of yourself.

Step two

Feel free to Contact Perez Hilton (LOL), and confirm your line in advance (it seems to be very crowded-LOL), that is who is before you and who is behind you all those jumpy things.

Step three

Contact a lawyer, or to save the fees you may also copy paste the previous common purpose letters, just make a mutual understanding with Mr. Hilton he is very friendly and knowledgeable he will let you know every thing in details (LOL).

Step four
It is very easy- you don’t know anything you are innocent etc etc is to be declared.

That’s all- no big deal.

So who is going to be the next popular lady on line? any guess?

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August 30, 2010: 12:19 am

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August 11, 2009: 11:36 pm

OMFG!!! This is amazing!

I can’t believe they hacked her laptop and got the New Moon movie advanced screening disc. The photos are so slutty! I didn’t want to see them!

The movie’s so good though!!!! I’m glad the movie got leaked as it’s amazing.

August 11, 2009: 9:21 pm

I finally found the nude video, most of the sites I’ve seen are scams but they’re streaming the video over at (it’s free but I have no idea how long it’ll stay up obviously) if it stops working they uploaded a backup to with the nude pictures on there as well

I never thought I’d see Ashley naked! haha

August 11, 2009: 8:31 pm

You can see Ashley Greene’s *leaked photos* here too:
You have to do a little survey then it takes you right to the pics!!!

August 11, 2009: 8:31 pm

You can see Ashley Greene’s *leaked photos* here too:
You have to do a little survey then it takes you right to the pics!!!

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