Mother of MJ’s youngest son Blanket revealed

Thursday, July 23, 2009

WASHINGTON - The mother of Michael Jackson’s youngest child is the Norweigan dental nurse who is also mum to the late singer’s alleged secret ‘fourth child’, according to U.S. tabloid reports.

Pia Bhatti, whose son Omer is currently seeking a DNA test to prove he is Michael’s first-born, is reportedly also mother to the superstar’s youngest son, known as ‘Blanket’.

When Jackson introduced Blanket to the world in 2002 during his controversial interview with Martin Bashir, he said that the child’s mother was an anonymous surrogate who he had never met.

But reports are surfacing in the US that not only had the singer met Blanket’s mother, but he had also had a one night stand with her in 1984, producing a son, Omer, now 25.

It is thought Omer captivated Jackson when they met up in Tunisia in 1996, through the then-12 year old’s ability to mimic him and his dance moves.

The singer took the child on tour with him and his family moved to live with Jackson at his Neverland Ranch.

Reports allege Jackson struck up a deal with Pia Bhatti to provide him with a third child, alongside son Prince Michael, 12, and daughter Paris, 11, and she promised to keep her identity a secret.

“Pia was sworn to secrecy about Blanket,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling Star magazine.

“The agreement she had with Michael was that she would never reveal herself to be Blanket’s mum,” the source added.

When approached by Star reporters, Bhatti refused to comment on the claims.

Meanwhile, claims that Omer is Jackson’s secret lovechild have been fuelled by the 25-year-old’s presence at the King of Pop’s July 7 memorial service, where he sat in the front row with the Jackson family. (ANI)

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